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Cheap Orlando Vacation – 8 Great Tips to Plan an Orlando Vacation on a budget

Cheap Orlando Vacation – Is it even possible to go on a magical vacation to Orlando on a budget? It is certainly possible and here are 8 great tips to help you plan that discount Orlando vacation.

Orlando is home to many world famous theme parks and is one of those destinations where everyone feels like a kid at heart. There is so much to do, so many theme parks and attractions to visit that is easy to feel the pinch in your wallet. It may appear to be impossible but there are ways to plan a great vacation on a budget. Here are 8 tips to accomplish that.

cheap orlando vacation, cheap orlando vacations1. Look for a vacation package: It is most of the time wise to purchase a vacation package rather than buying separate tickets for airfare, accommodation, park passes and other stuff. Theme parks like Disney and Universal also offer vacation packages including airfare, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, theme park admissions and meals. Look online for reputable companies offering good packages.

2. Keep your travel dates flexible: If you really want to save money and also have a great vacation, just keep your vacation schedule flexible. Orlando enjoys great weather throughout the year and hence if you can plan your vacation during off- peak times then you can get great deals on admissions to attractions and accommodation.

3. Cheap airfare: You can check for some hot airfare deals which airlines offer from time to time and some websites also let you name your price too.

4. Look for the best deal on accommodation: Pick your accommodations based on the travel plan and what attractions you are planning to visit.

5. Rent a villa or vacation home for a big family: If you are looking for accommodation for a big family it might be a good idea to check out the Vacation Homes for rent or Villas. They offer excellent amenities and they often have 4 to 5 bedrooms or more. This way you can accommodate a big family for one price per night and save on luxury hotel rentals.

6. Check park websites and look for extras in tickets: Whenever you plan for trip to the theme parks, always check park’s website for updated information. You can get some highly discounted Orlando vacation package or some special deal. Often parks are associated with other area attractions, tourism groups, hotel association or other groups and they offer discounted tickets and passes also.

7. Dining out: If you have a stove/microwave and refrigerator where you stay, it will be a good idea to eat out a couple of days and cook your own meal the rest of the days. Cooking your own is always cheaper and you can plan some simple microwave recipes. There are many discount coupon books available at all major locations that offer great savings. You can also check out breakfast buffet places like Ponderosa Steak House.

8. Just ask: One great tip that I can give while making a reservation in person/ email or phone is to Just Ask. "Is that the best you can do?" This simple question has saved us a bundle. Give that a try and let me know.

Have a cool Orlando vacation on a budget.

By Orlando Expert
Published: 11/15/2008

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