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How I took a Great Vacation that cost me very little

If you are short on funds this year, don’t cut your vacation short , Just check out how we can save you money on tickets and or hotel stays,

Well to start out with I have to tell you that when it’s time for vacation or business I drive my car, take a bus or go on the train if possible. I do not go up into the clouds for anybody or any reason. I hate the feeling of falling more then any thing else that a person could be put through. Oh yea you are saying right now it’s still the safest way to travel, but when you do crash it is the longest time before you hit the ground, so no thanks.

The first thing I do before going on vacation is get my car ready. I get the oil changed a few days before I leave on vacation. It seems to me every time I get a fresh oil change the engine runs smoother and the car gets better mileage. Also make sure your air filter is clean and your tires are at the right air pressure. These things might sound simple but they could get you a few more miles to the gallon which is a big saving these days. Also I add a fuel additive like Ultimate-me2 in my gas tank and get additional miles to the gallon.

The next step is to find some good vacation packages which give you discount hotels or 3 day 2 night stay for a low cost. Some even give you free amusement tickets, golfing rounds, water country passes, visa cards or even a fourth night stay where you are vacationing. Still don’t get it then read on.

I personally have done many timeshare presentations through out my life time, especially when I go to Florida. There we set up five appointments to visit different timeshares. In Florida you can schedule a tour at 7:30 in the morning so it doesn’t mess up your whole day. What is cool is they give you breakfast and it is like eating at golden coral and when I am done eating they give me money or attraction tickets for many different attractions. With the money from the five tours and all those meals I bet I save $ 700.00 dollars right there.

The big reason I save a lot is I own a resort, so I only have to pay a maintenance fee every year which is much less then I got for those tours just taken. It is not a lot to give up for what you receive in return. They will even give you another free vacation for going so you don’t even have to pay for that the next time you take a vacation.

Getting different vacation packages is the way to go as there is a lot of things to do at a resort that are free, swimming ,miniature golf, tennis, karaoke, bingo and many other things so you hardly have to leave the resort to spend any money at all. I usually get some amusement tickets to Disney World or Bush Gardens and Sea World at the timeshare as a gift, so I don’t even have to get those unless I do more then one amusement park.

So there you have it, sit back and see if you can come up with your own discount vacation packages and maybe a few ideas on how to get some of your vacations for free. Or simply go to, they have done the work for you.

Why spend more then you have to when vacation time comes around? We can help you keep some of your hard earned money this vacation season by offering you free attraction tickets or hotel stays at

By Bud Weiss
Published: 1/3/2008

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