How to Survive a Family Vacation

How to Survive a Family Vacation

If you are taking a family vacation you may need some help to survive. Here are some tips to smooth over the rough spots.

So you are ready to go on a family vacation, at least that is what you think. Now I’m not talking about the little romantic getaway with your significant other, I’m talking about the full fledged family outing that includes some extended family that you aren’t usually around. This can be an extremely enjoyable time for most of us but sometimes tension runs a bit high and personalities clash, so what is it that can help you to survive the rough spots on a family vacation?

1. Have some Me Time – Sure it’s great to get away with people that you love, but sometimes you just need some time to yourself. When you find yourself in this situation then you need to have an escape route in place, one that will make it easy for you to get away from the potentially volatile situation from which you are trying to escape. Perhaps you could always keep a deficit of some sort in place and then offer to go fill that void when the time is right. I like to do this with things that are readily available, especially since we don’t really need it, it’s just convenient for you to go get it.
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2. Sleep, the ultimate mediator – When you sense that tensions might be running a bit high, or perhaps you have some personalities clashing then it may be time for you to take a little nap. You will probably find that after your nap whatever it was that was bothering you will be a thing of the long past.

3. Subject Swappers – You should always be ready to switch subjects to something that they like. If you feel as if the conversation is going badly then try to get them to talk a bit about a hobby that they enjoy or perhaps something that is going on in their lives. This will generally help to take off the pressure.

By doing these few things you will be better able to successfully go through a family vacation unscathed. Most of all enjoy the time that you have with your family and try not to be overly concerned if things are not always going your way.

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By Dakota Dog
Published: 10/10/2006
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