Wyoming Dude Ranch Vacations

What would the “Cowboy State” be without cowboys? A silhouetted image of a bucking horse and rider, hat in hand, is a registered trademark of the state of Wyoming. wyoming dude ranch green riverThe image appeared as early as 1918, when it was worn by members of Wyoming’s National Guard. The bucking horse graces the license plates of Wyoming to this day. The state knows a thing or two about cowboys, and the tradition is a proud one.

The tradition is continued, and offered to visitors, at many Wyoming dude ranches. Guests can take part in the action of roping, branding, and herding cattle. Organized cattle drives regularly take place at many ranches.

Working ranches and guest ranches are scattered across Wyoming, and the amenities range from indoor plumbing to in-room massages. There’s a dude ranch available for every kind of guest, and accommodations are as primitive, or posh, as the vacationer is looking for.

Open meadows and rolling hills await exploration on foot or on horseback. Guests will invariably spot the wildlife Wyoming is known for, including coyotes, wild turkeys, and, of course, the official state animal, the bison. Many Wyoming dude ranches herd bison as well as cattle. Overnight pack trips are often available, as well as pack trips that can last a week or more. Guided big game hunts are also sometimes offered.

Cowboy culture has been preserved, and still thrives, in Wyoming today. At any one of the many Wyoming dude ranches, guests can experience a world outside of what they’ve ever known. Pairing tamed and controlled horses, with wilderness that can never be either, and it’s the experience of a lifetime. Dude Ranch Info provides informatino on dude ranches in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and California, and information on dude ranch jobs. Dude Ranch Info is the sister site of Mountain Vacations Web.

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